At Moody Trophy, Washington College Sailing Places 18th Position

This weekend, sailing team of Washington College finished 18th of 18 teams at the championship Moody Trophy, which was hosted by the University of Rhode at Island.
Moody Trophy

How this happened

  • Team of Washington college placed 18th in both the Divisions that is A and B.
  • Paul Hart the skipper of team sailed with crew Ellie Lienert in A Division for the first six races and with crew members Griff Rodrigue for the rest of the races of A Division.
  • Crew Allison Cochran and Skipper Will Sunkler sailed the B Division the first three races for Washington. And the next three races of B Division were sailed by Skipper Henry Proud with the crew Andrew Vernon. The rest of the races were sailed by skipper Sunkler and the crew member Vernon.
  • A 12th-place finish in race 5B by Proud and Vernon was Washington’s best individual race finish of the weekend.

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Bermuda World Series To Change

Bermuda is the site of the America’s Cup this year, but it is unlikely that it will remain a host the next year.

The owner of the Oracle team of US, Larry Ellison, did state to the crowds that they would be back in the opening ceremony that was held in May. However, realities might be different it seems. The comments Ellison made has caused a stir as elements in teams as well as the authorities behind America’s Cup are reconsidering the idea of returning to the event. Instead of being a dedicated racing venue it might become a stop as part of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event that would be akin to circuit racing. The races would take on a fast and furious style, akin to Formula One and packaged for sports television.

In the opening ceremony, he did not mention anything about the Cup event in the future when he addressed the crowds at the opening ceremony held on May 27th. (more…)

Royal Navy Sailors’ Upcoming Challenge

If you thought that Royal Navy only has official duties, then you are mistaken.

There has been a bid made to break an existing record by two sailors of Royal Navy in a dinghy boat. The sailors are sponsored by charitable organizations for their bid to try and break an existing world record in endurance sailing in a dinghy. The voyage is planned to cover the distance from Plymouth to the waters surrounding Scotland. The voyage will not only be an attempt to break a record but also raise awareness about dinghy sailing which is also a category less explored in sailing.

The voyage will also raise funds for organizations like the Bowel Cancer UK and Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity. The last attempt was made by Phil Slade, who was an Acting Petty Officer and civilian Mark Belamarich. Both sailed a training dinghy which ran nonstop on the same course. (more…)

Stage Set In Japan

The stage is set in Japan for America’s Cup World Series that is sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

About 14 points separate out Land Rover Bar teams from Oracle Team USA. There are about 90 points that are on the line. Hence, the game can be any teams ultimately. Practice races have been setting the stage before the real competition is about to begin. The ultimate races will take place this weekend. Destination for the World Series competition is Fukuoka in Japan. The final race, which is part of a two year series, will be seeing the Land Rover team take a lead over the Oracle team with a lead of 14 points.

There are about 90 points that teams can gather over the six races that are scheduled for this weekend. The title fight is open as well, which makes it an exciting event to follow this weekend. Indeed, the America’s Cup has been in the news for quite some time and with the final lap starting off, many people would be eagerly waiting to see how the final lap progresses. The overall points that the teams have made it a close competition to watch now. (more…)

Sailing And Tokyo 2020

We have just celebrated Rio 2016. But that’s only the beginning. It is time for us to look forward to the Tokyo 2020 already. As far as sailing is concerned, Andy Hunt, the World Sailing’s chief executive has a lot to say about the next Olympics and the roadmap to reach there.

As we all know, the Olympics are really important when it comes to sailing. The International Olympic Committee has already set out its Agenda. Therefore, it’s time for the World Sailing to move at a brisk pace. There are plenty of issues to deal with. Gender equality is going to be one of the major talking points in the next Olympics. Innovation will be another major factor they will be considering. (more…)

Americas Cup Comes To Asia

If you are a sailing enthusiast, especially of the sport, you will certainly be an avid follower of America’s Cup. Promoted by Louis Vuitton, the luxury leather accessories brand, it is one of the prestigious tournaments that are held in America.

This world series tournament is now being brought to Asia. The tournment is a challening one that includes speedy catamarans. There is the unpredictability of the sea races and challenges that makes this event a compelling sporting event to watch. (more…)