Royal Navy Sailors’ Upcoming Challenge

If you thought that Royal Navy only has official duties, then you are mistaken.

There has been a bid made to break an existing record by two sailors of Royal Navy in a dinghy boat. The sailors are sponsored by charitable organizations for their bid to try and break an existing world record in endurance sailing in a dinghy. The voyage is planned to cover the distance from Plymouth to the waters surrounding Scotland. The voyage will not only be an attempt to break a record but also raise awareness about dinghy sailing which is also a category less explored in sailing.

The voyage will also raise funds for organizations like the Bowel Cancer UK and Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity. The last attempt was made by Phil Slade, who was an Acting Petty Officer and civilian Mark Belamarich. Both sailed a training dinghy which ran nonstop on the same course.

The voyage was a spectacular one that covered a total of 309.25 in nautical miles. It was then recognized as being the longest distance that has been covered by a double handed dinghy boat and duly recorded in Guinness World Records. This year the attempt will be made by Mark who is a sea survival instructor of Assault Squadron Royal Marines and Phil of the training center at Royal Marines Storehouse. They plan to sail this May at a speed of 500 nautical miles in the open sea on a similar route. Mark has personal reasons to sail as he himself has been a victim of bowel cancer and so have been several of his family members. Hence, raising funds for the charitable organization is also a driving factor in this challenge. Many are looking forward to following their voyage in the upcoming month of May.