Americas Cup Comes To Asia

If you are a sailing enthusiast, especially of the sport, you will certainly be an avid follower of America’s Cup. Promoted by Louis Vuitton, the luxury leather accessories brand, it is one of the prestigious tournaments that are held in America.

This world series tournament is now being brought to Asia. The tournment is a challening one that includes speedy catamarans. There is the unpredictability of the sea races and challenges that makes this event a compelling sporting event to watch.

It is being hosted in Japan for the first time. The 35th America’s cup is being brought to this region this year. The tournament would be held in November 18th to 20th this year at Fukuoka in Japan. The sporting event would be covering the global circuit upto the Bermuda which will be in 2017. This will be a chalenge taken up by Sofbank Team in Japan.

The event being brought to this region is definitely a first. Those who are part of the Japanese team say that they are thrilled with the idea that a prestigious event like Louis Vuitton America’s Cup would be hosted in Japan, with one Greece bareboat charters company rporting a large rise in Japanese charters as people start taking up sailing.

This world series is a sign of the kind of events that are being brought to this region. It is also planned that the 2020 Olympic Games would be held in this country.

There are many celebrities who are usually part of this prestigious sailing event. Even Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to be gearing up to participate in America’s Cup. They have a love for the sailing experience and it is said that Kate is a better sailor than William. They would be heading to the south coast of the country where a leg of the America’s Cup World Series contest would be held towards the end of the month.