Grand Slam Sailing in Chicago

A Grand Slam event in sailing is about to start in Chicago. For sailing enthusiasts, this is a wonderful time of the year as ports and bay areas across the world see different kinds of yachting and sailing activities. Chicago Yacht Club is welcoming about eight teams who would be representing five countries in total.

They would be competing for the Chicago Grand Slam. It is considered to be the second level of test that needs to be cleared before one can qualify for the Grade 2 Grand Slam event series that is held in NY. This year this three day event will be hosted from 21st to 23rd of August.

This circuit of races has started off from last weekend. The beginning was at Long Island at NY with the venue being Oak Cliff International. Here the US Grand Slam Champion will be crowned after the three day event series comes to an end. The end of the series will take place at the Bay view Yacht Club where the Detroit Cup would be handed over to the champion of the series.

It is an inaugural season for the series with Chicago Yacht Club partnering with Barceboat Yacht Charter Croatia. They have been able to experience an inaugural season that is turning out to be incredible. There have been racing practices every week that have been oversubscribed. The yacht club would be hosting or co-hosting with its partner a regatta of international standards for the first time.

It is a regatta that is of Grade 2 and of international level. Gosling’s Rum would be the official sponsor for the event. This would be the sixth edition of the regatta. The races attract talent from around the world, especially talent that is new and upcoming. It has proved to be a stepping stone for many teams that have been aimed at reaching world levels in sailing competitions.
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