Annapolis Yacht Club talks about its next step

After the desolating fire that gutted the Annapolis Yacht Club’s two floors on 12th December, leaders of the organization consecrated to remake. AYC’s vice-commodore Debbie Gosselin told that this is very pretty sad. But this is only physical. It is time to fix it.

The reason of the blaze and the calculated damage in dollars is still under probe. The bulk of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building were gutted by the fire and it around ninety firefighters about 1 hour, 45 minutes to bring under control. It was around 7 pm when the blaze was declared out.

Annapolis Yacht Club

Mike Pantelides, the mayor, said that his staff was already in discussions about possibly letting the club use city space temporarily. Other than finding a temporary facility to continue club activities, he said the priority is finding work for club employees. Pantelides added that there are a lot of people with good job skills here and they would attempt to connect with other businesses to help them out.

The club officials told the Scotland Yacht Charter website that they are looking for a way to pay their employees as the holiday season is approaching. Commodore Rod Jabin told that the staff is at the core of the community here at Annapolis Yacht Club. The officials are committed to ensure that the employees are taken care of.

City Fire Department spokeswoman Capt. Janet Wiseman told that she did not see a lot of anything that was salvageable on the 2nd and 3rd floor areas. Sprinklers would have made a huge difference It would have saved or prevented the incident. How to Play Blackjack with Pictures